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Please read our Terms & Conditions, once your booking is confirmed it will be on the understanding that you have read and agreed the following:


Your booking confirms your contract with Yarm Bunny Boarding as set out below. It will be deemed that you have read and agreed to our T&C’s at the time of booking and any future bookings.


Rabbit Vaccine Requirements:  For the health and wellbeing of your rabbit and all our rabbit boarders, rabbits MUST be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and R(V)HD1 & R(V)HD2.   An annual vaccine is now available in one dose.  According to current RSPCA advice this new vaccine may not be suitable if your rabbit has previously been vaccinated against myxomatosis but not R(V)HD2.  Please speak to your vet to find out which vaccination schedule will work best for your rabbit.  We will need to see a current valid vaccination certificate on the day your pet arrives.  Vaccinations need repeating every year.  No rabbit will be boarded without a valid vet’s vaccination certificate shown on arrival, any queries please ask.   There are currently no vaccination requirements for guinea pigs.


Any medical conditions of all pets boarding must be disclosed when you enquire to book.  Yarm Bunny Boarding reserve the right to refuse any animal should they show signs of disease, illness, or injury.   We would not be able to board your pet if it appears to have a runny nose, eyes, or dirty bottom as we cannot risk any infection to other boarders.  Any skin conditions must have written confirmation from your vet that it is not contagious.  Your pet will not mix with other boarders except when boarded as a bonded family and will be checked daily. Should your pet show signs of illness we will contact you in the first instance then with your permission your specified vet or our local vet for advice at a cost to you.   If we are unable to contact you and we consider the illness an emergency we will contact our local vet for advice at a cost to you.  If bonded pets need to be separated in the interest of their health and safety, we will do so.   If your pet shows signs of fleas we will treat them at a cost to you.  Sadly, small animals can pass away very quickly, very often peacefully without any warning.  Should this happen I would contact you immediately to discuss your wishes.  Yarm Bunny Boarding accept no liability in the unlikely event this may happen.  Any injury, illness, disease, mite infestation (as hay/straw are natural products), death and theft of pets are the owner’s responsibility and Yarm Bunny Boarding is released of all liability.  Yarm Bunny Boarding is released of all liability for any accident or injury to owners or persons whilst on our premises.


GDPR Privacy Policy:  Your personal information taken at the time of booking is kept electronically with password protection or in paper format kept on our premises. We will not use or make this information available to anyone outside of our business unless obliged to do so by law.  You have the right to ask for a copy of any information that we have about you or to view our GDPR Policy.


Open Hours & Fees:  Drop off and collection times Summer (April - September) 9.30am - 10.30am or 6pm - 7pm.   Winter (October - March) 9.30am - 10.30am or 5pm - 6pm.  Please indicate your preferred times when booking and adhere to the agreed time.  Fees must be paid in full by bank transfer or cash upon the start of boarding.  Fees will still be charged for pets arriving late or leaving early.  If your pet is not collected within 10 days of the agreed collection date and we have been unable to contact you Yarm Bunny Boarding reserve the right to re-home your pet and legal action will be taken to reimburse boarding fees and re-homing costs.


It essential we advise of the above, lots and lots of pets have boarded with us very happily for many years and we look forward to caring for your pet, thank you :)

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