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Yarm Bunny Boarding &


  • How much does it cost to board my pet?
    Please see our BOOK WITH YBB page. Prices are charged daily and include day of arrival and departure. For example if you were to book Fri to Mon that would be charged as 4 days boarding, regardless of arrival & departure times. We don't charge extra if on the day you drop off is a morning slot and the day you collect is an evening slot.
  • What time can i bring my pet?
    Open times Summer (April - October) 9.30am - 10.30am & 6pm - 7pm. Open times Winter (November - March) 9.30am - 10.30am & 5pm - 6pm. Please indicate a time of arrival/collection when you book. All pets should be transported and arrive in a secure pet carrier.
  • How big are the hutches?
    Our purpose build hutches are LARGE They measure approx 3" x 6" Providing plenty of space to hop around, toilet corner & comfortable hide/sleepy area.
  • Will my pet have daily access outside?
    Yes we are on hand full time. If your pet prefers they can be outside most of the day in large secure runs. Or a covered hutch should the weather not be so good. For some pets a few hours is enough in which case they can be brought back inside to their cosy hutch.
  • Should i bring my pets food?
    Yes you should bring enough of their regular dry nuggets for the duration of their stay. This is because there's lots of different brands and they should have their regular brand so as not to upset their sensitive little tummies. We provide all other food ie; Farm fresh Hay, Fruit & Vegetables, Herbs, Grass, Water & Treats daily. Did you know your pets nuggets should only make up a small proportion of their diet?
  • What must i remember to bring?
    Your pet in a secure carrier. Your up to date vacccination card/s if you are bringing a rabbit/s. Dry nuggets food. Payment in full must be made on day of arrival via cash or bank transfer. Accessories are optional ie. brushes, blankets, food bowls. A litter tray is good as it has a familiar scent of home for them.
  • How do I wash my fleece product?
    All fleece products are machine washable. Just brush off any debris and pop in the washing machine. Fabric softners aren't recommended as they often have a strong scent which your furbabies may not appreciate! Do not tumble dry as it may shrink. They come out from the washer quite dry so just reshape and leave to dry naturally. Wash bags can be purchased to put your item in whilst in the washing machine. This will protect your washer from any debris off the fleece.
  • How do i best set up my cage with fleece products?
    After years of using fleece liners as a comfy floor for my piggies tiny paws i have a few tips... Place their hay in a litter tray or cardboard box on top of your base layer fleece. Pets tend to do their business whilst muching hay so this then contains most of it and keeps the fleece floor cleaner for longer. If you can, place this box under their water bottle. If not a bottle pad is very useful for catching extra drips and toilet areas, keeping the main fleece drier for longer. Each day just brush off the surface of the fleece and wash maybe once a week, depending how many pets you have!
  • Why Choose Fleece over Sawdust or Straw?
    Fleece is much more comfy for tiny paws. Its so much easier to clean out daily, simply brush off poop rather than it being left amongst the sawdust. They're cost effective, once purchased the fleece will last alot longer than a bag of sawdust/straw. Less waste, always a good thing!
  • How do I order? How long do i wait for my handmade fleece to arrive?
    Simply go to our online shop on this website or our Etsy Shop SmallPetsFleececCo (theres a link to our Etsy Shop on the Home Page in the Instagram Profile) If the size you require isn't listed please contact us. All products are handmade by us and we can make most sizes. All items are made to order, we are a small business and really appreciate your custom & patience. Your items will be delivered via Tracked Royal Mail within approx 3 -7 working days, you'll receive an email confirmation once dispatched. It's good to order a couple of products to be able to wash one against the other.
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