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For the health and well being of your Rabbit and all our boarders

Rabbits MUST be Vaccinated against Myxomatosis  R(V)HD1 and  R(V)HD2. 


Please ask your vet for advice.   

They must have been vaccinated at least 3 weeks prior to boarding.


We will need to see a current vaccination certificate on the day your pet arrives.  


No Rabbit will be boarded without a valid certificate shown on arrival. 

For further info on vaccines and lots of general advice on keeping your Rabbit healthy

visit the RWAF or RSPCA website. 

There are currently no vaccination requirements for guinea pigs. 

Yarm Bunny Boarding reserve the right to refuse any animal should they show signs of disease, illness or injury.  We would not be able to board your pet if it appears to have a runny nose, eyes or dirty bottom as we cannot risk any infection to other animals.  

Your pet will not mix with other boarders except when boarded as a bonded family and will be checked daily.  Yarm Bunny Boarding will not be held responsible for any illness, mites or any other common disease.  

All pets should be transported and arrive in a secure pet carrier.

Should your pet show signs of illness we will contact you and your specified vet or our local vet for advice at a cost to you.  If your pet shows signs of fleas we will treat them at a cost to you.  

If your pet is not collected within 10 days of the agreed collection date and we have been unable to contact you or your emergency contact Yarm Bunny Boarding reserve the right to re-home your pet and legal action will be taken to reimburse boarding fees and re-homing costs.

Please note animals are boarded at the sole risk of the owner and while every care will be taken Yarm Bunny Boarding shall not be liable for the loss, illness, injury or death of any animal in our care.

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