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Luxury Holiday Boarding for

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Yarm Bunny Boarding was established in 2014. 

Our luxury boarding facility is nestled in our garden.


We have lots of experience in caring for pets and pride ourselves on providing exceptional care in a fabulous environment.


Lots of happy customer's comments and pics

can be seen on our facebook and instagram pages.



We are passionate and fully committed to providing a loving, caring environment. Giving you the peace of mind that your pets will be very well looked after throughout their stay at Yarm Bunny Boarding.

All our customers comment on what sizeable hutches we have.  What a fantastic, friendly, reliable service we provide and they feel comfortable that their pets are truly loved and cared for. 

Pets can be groomed, put out for a few hours, or can enjoy being out all day, if they prefer.  If the weather changes, be it they need bringing in from the rain or need more shade we are on hand all day. Pets aren't left outdoors unattended.


We are open all year round including Xmas and New Year.   

We are closed on Bank Holidays for collection and drop offs.



All hutches are safe, warm and dry. We usually use waterproof fleeces for guinea pigs and straw bedding for rabbits. There's always an endless supply of

farm fresh, quality, long strand hay for eating.  

The summerhouse has lots of windows giving plenty of natural light and fresh air. 


Fitted blinds keep it cooler in summer and warm heating is provided in winter to keep your pets cosy. 


Much time is spent with our boarders making them feel at ease with grooming,

cuddles & lots of tlc.


Hutches are cleaned daily and food and water checked to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.  Hutches are always cleaned and disinfected between boarders.


Access to large, secure outdoor runs on our lush grass paddock is available daily. 


Should the weather not be so good pets can enjoy a play on the bunny house floor area

or get some fresh air outside in a freestanding covered hutch, rather than wet grass.

Toys, tubes and plenty of entertainment supplied as standard of course!

Yarm Bunny Boarding


When you bring your pet for his/her holiday you will need to bring sufficient dry food for the duration of their stay. If they use a litter tray bring that too for a familiar scent for them.

You can, if you wish, bring your own water bottle, food bowl, blanket and toys. If they like to be groomed bring their brush, we are more than happy to groom them.  

Don't forget if you are bringing a rabbit/s they must have an up to date vaccination certificate. 


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